RIGAAPARTMENT self-contained apartments on a budget in Riga. Our aparthotel designed for Family living to be as independent as you want to be. Fully equipped kitchen, dining area, lounge and bathroom with laundry facilities. Accommodation for flexible traveler looking for an economic & value for money stay.
54 Gertrudes Street LV1011 Riga Latvia
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RIGAAPARTMENT Services & Offers:

“RIGAAPARTMENT GERTRUDA Apartments & Restaurant” building is located in the centre of the City on the historic Gertrudes Street. The street has a long history where even the Swedish paving stones are touched with of a century of history and perhaps still remembers the sound of horse-drawn carriages clattering down the street.

The street got its name from the church of St. Gertrude in the late 19th century. The church has a beautiful and delicate silhouette of red bricks and sits at the beginning of the street, perfectly visible from the windows and balconies of our hotel.

Gertrudes Street has a rich diversity of buildings and represents over 120 years of architectural history. You can see a variation of building facades everywhere. Large stone houses built in the Art Deco and Eclectic styles compare with the one or two-storey wooden buildings built in the 19th century. The homeowners of the street in those days competed in designing and building the most interesting and unique properties, which gave rise to such a rich history in the street.

RIGAAPARTMENT SONADA building is located in Riga at 129 GERTRUDES Street (the entrance is from 7 VALMIERAS Street). It is just a 20 minute walk or 10 minute drive to the famous and beautiful Old Town. Bars and restaurants are also within easy reach. RIGAAPARTMENT SONADA is located in a fully renovated historic building which features apartments that have high ceilings, are ergonomic and practical in design and contain modern furniture and equipment. There are 16 one or two bedroom, fully self-contained apartments with everything you might need during your stay.

For your convenience there is secure private parking in the grounds of the building. As well as a luggage room there is an airport transfer service to and from the airport with a journey time of around 20 minutes. The Riga Central Railway or Bus station is no more than 5 minutes away by taxi. Please check the map for locations and directions.